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Maybe I'm mental, maybe I'm insane. Either way, one day you'll know my name.
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look at the detail in her hair…

I read that they created an entire computer program to make each strand of her hair move the way it should with her body

like 2 years of this movie production was dedicated to her hair 

I really do hope someone who worked on this has a tumblr and is sat with a single tear in their eye whispering “they noticed… it was all worth it, every single day…”

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when he asks for nudes but you’re not in the mood


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it was a simpler time

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if every mistake you’ve made was written in a book, would you read it?

Mine would be a 5 book trilogy with books as big as Harry Potter


””“5 book trilogy”“”“

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what if ssomeone tried to mug me and all they got from my pocket was thisimage

id continue mugging you in hopes of finding more

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